PureSync Download

Version 7.0.2 (20.08.2021)

Download the Installation via the button above and install it.

PureSync will start as Personal Edition. When you use the 1st a feature of the professional edition you will be asked to start the 30 day evaluation period. 
After that period PureSync will start again as Personal Edition.


This in new with version 6.1:

- FTP reprogrammed:
  - Now correct support for special, asiatic, ... characters 
  - ; in file and folder names now supported
  - improved speed
  - better error handling

- renamed and moved folders:
  - reprogrammed
  - renamed and moved folders in renamed and moved folders
    are now detected
  - file in renamed and moved folders are now detected

- WOL (Wake on LAN) now supported:
  (settings -> At startup -> Execute these action(s)))

- implemented and own log viewer:
  - timeline
  - filter/search
  - colored

- Improved tree view

- improved tray icon:
  - better animation
  - a hotkey can be defined to access the menu

- Shadow copies:
  - can now be created and deleted
  - can be mounted as drive

- Volume Mount Points:
  - free space in now retrieved correctly

- Fixed bugs:
  - exceptions for Symlinks
  - ...


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