Backup / Copy

PureSync supports:

  • local drives
  • Server volumes such as \\MyServer\folder
  • FTP 1) 3)
  • most MTP devices
  • copying open/locked files 2) 3)
  • Run synchronization/backup with another user 1) 3)
  • WebDAV support

Compare methods:

  • By date
  • By name
  • By contents (compare binary or by CRC)
  • By filename (ignore the folder)


  • Several folders at once
  • up to 3 destinations in one job
  • Subfolders (up to depth x)
  • Exclude folders
  • Mirror mode
  • Multiple backups, by using e.g. [weekday] in the destination path, so have one backup each weekday
  • Predefined folders
  • E.g. you can select to backup you user profiles, all documents, your iTunes library or the browser bookmarks
  • Network drives such as \\MyServer\folder are supported
  • Files larger that 4GB are supported
  • Environment variables such as %USERPROFILE% are supported
  • Detection of time offsets of e.g. 1 or 2 hours
  • Destination path with time and date or a counter


  • delete files in folder 2 that have been deleted in folder 1
  • delete files in folder 2 that do not exist in folder 1
  • delete delayed after x minutes, hours or days


  • Undo, even after PureSync has been closed3)


  • Restore selected file(s)


  • E.g. define a filter for file extension (for all or for each folder separately)
  • Filter with wildcards for files and folders
  • Support for subfolder down to level x
  • Exclude certain sub folders
  • Define a date/time window
  • Define the max. or min. file size


Supports files and folders with unicode characters (e.g. Asian characters)even when synchronizing with an FTP folder


  • Automatic synchronizations/backups
  • Start a compare/synchronization via the Windows explorer context menu or define a new backup
  • Email notification in case an error occured or always the complete log 3) 4)


1) Windows 2000 or newer
2) Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 or newer, only on NTFS drives
3) only PureSync Professional
4) .net 2.0 required