PureSync comes with several templates for special scenarios:


Backups and copy or move files:

► 2 or 3 destinations for backups in one job:

e.g. destination 1: local folder, destination 2: USB drive, destination 3: FTP


► Compare all files:

Compares all files regardless of the location, e.g. to compare 2 drives


► Move files

Copy only on modified file contents (ignores the file date)


Compare and Synchronize:

► Compare by cecksum (CRC) 

Files are only copied, when the file contents has been changed, the file date is ignored. Though files with a new file date but the same contents are not copied.


► Combine folders

2 source folders, 1 destination folder


Delete / Find:

► Delete old files 

Delete files older than x days


► Delete secure

Delete files (older than x days) in a secure way by overwriting its file contents and its the file name as well. With this undelete/unerase programs are unable to retrieve these files.


► Delete empty folder 


► Find double files

► Find big and old files



► Load files from a webpage

e.g. all PDFs