Installing the license

When you purchase a license for PureSync you'll get a link to your license file and/or you get the license file in an email. Please check your spam folder. 

  1. Make sure you have PureSync installed on your computer.
    If not download it here and install it.
  2. Copy your license file to the desktop.

    In case when clicking the link another tag in your Browser is opened and the license file displayed on it, please close that tab. Then RIGHT click the link and select 'Save as', 'Save link as', or similar and save the file to your desktop.
  3. The license file should have the name puresync.pslic (on most computer one puresync is shown) and it should have the PureSync icon.
  4. Now double click the license file. PureSync should start and show a message box that PureSync is now registered.
    If this is not the case, you can drag and drop the license file to the PureSync window.

Further infos:
- The license file must have the extension pslic
- You can copy the license file to the PureSync program folder or to %APPDATA%\Jumping Bytes\PureSync

Error 2753 occurs during installation

Please install and execute the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility, and remove PureSync with it. Then reinstall PureSync.

Download Microsoft MSI cleanup utility:

On how many computers/systems a license can be used

A single user license can be installed on up to 3 computers, of which the licensee is the main user. For computer of other person(s), extra license(s) have to be purchased.

Multiuser licenses are valid for the purchased number.

Copy opened/locked files - UAC appears each time (Windows 8, 7, Vista)

PureSync installs a task in the windows task scheduler.
In case this did not work, e.g. the user has denied the UAC when PureSync tries to install that task, the UAC will appear each time.

You may install the task manually:

  1. Open the PureSync program folder, e.g. C:\Program files\PureSync
  2. Copy the file PureSyncVSS.xml e.g. to the Desktop and 
    open it with an editor e.g. Notepad
  3. Scroll down
  4. In the line
    preprend the path to PureSync.exe, e.g.
          <Command>"C:\Program files\PureSync\PureSyncVSSStart.exe"</Command>
  5. Save the file
  6. Now open the windows task scheduler:
    Start menu -> type 'scheduler' and lauch the 'Task Scheduler' it
    Or Run: taskschd.msc
  7. Click at the branch 'Task Scheduler Library' and expand it
  8. In the menu 'Acktion' please select 'new folder' und and name the new folder 'JumpingBytes'
  9. Now select 'JumpingBytes' and 
    in the menu 'Action' select 'Import task'
    and select the saved file



WebDAV: how to access WebDAV with PureSync