Transfer files

Transfer files

  • Copy files with PureSync to a USB Stick, NAS or MTP drive or FTP folder
  • At the target computer simply plug in the USB drive or start the 'Transfer files' wizard

Setting the target paths automatically

  • Folders will be modified according to the target system,
  • e.g. C:\Documents and settings -> C:\Users
  • These folders will be set automatically:
    • FireFox bookmarks and settings (multiple profiles supported)
    • Thunderbird emails and settings (multiple profiles supported)
    • Browser bookmarks such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera
    • Microsoft Office Documents and template
    • Open Office Documents and template
    • Palm Desktop data (multiple users supported)

PureSync supports

  • local drives
  • Server volumes such as \\MyServer\folder
  • FTP 1) 3)
  • some MTP devices
  • copying open/locked files 2) 3)
  • Run synchronization/backup with another user 1) 3)
  • WebDAV support


  • E.g. define a filter for file extension (for all or for each folder separately)
  • Support for subfolder down to level x
  • Exclude certain sub folders
  • Define a date/time window


  • Supports files and folders with unicode characters (e.g. Asian characters)
  • even when synchronizing with an FTP folder


  • Automatic synchronizations/backups
  • Start a compare/synchronization via the Windows explorer context menu or define a new backup