Revision history

Version 7.2.2


  • Fixed bugs:
    • bug fixes

Version 7.2.1


  • Fixed bugs:
    • fixed problem with saving autosync options in the settings
    • fixed minor bugs

Version 7.2.0


  • New features:
    • Improved searching for double files: now you can  easily select which files to delete
    • reprogrammed sending emails
  • Fixed bugs:
    • network paths were sometime not found on automatic sync/backup
    • fixed minor bugs

Version 7.1.4


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Run job scheduled, when not logged in: accessing network paths did not work in some configurations
    • Windows Server: creating snapshots failed in some configurations
    • With the last updates files where doubled with some jobs

Version 7.1.3


  • New features:
    • Detecting renamed files and folders: improved speed
    Fixed bugs:
    • Run jobs scheduled:
      - settings "reactivate computer" and "missed start" were not stored correctly
      - when schedule was define in the job setup wizard it was not executed on some systems

Version 7.1.2


  • New features: Fixed bugs:
    • Running job every x minutes: setting was sometimes not saved
    • sometimes creating a windows scheduler task failed
    • last job in the job list was not started automatically
    • minor bugs/problems

Version 7.1.1


  • New features: Fixed bugs:
    • Settings for scheduled jobs were sometimes not applied
    • Stop service at job start:
      - did not work for servioec names with space(s)
      - test button did not work
    • changes for Windows 11
    • improved the protocol
    • minor bugs/problems

Version 7.1.0


  • New features:
    • Settings dialog is now show much quicker
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed bug detecting moved files
    • Filter for size did not work with some settings
    • run job on shutdown: shutdown was not doen when the logon screen was shown
    • minor bugs/problems

Version 7.0.3


  • New features:
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed a problem creating windows scheduler tasks
    • Windows Server:
      - Accessing network paths did sometiomes not work
      - Creating a shadow copy sometimes failed
      - log was sometimes not written correctly (items were missing)
    • Fixed bug on automatic backup/sync with multiple destinations
    • Option Remove emtpy folders: root folder for the job will not be deleted
    • minor bugs/problems

Version 7.0.2


  • New features:
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Job on system start did not work when user had no password
    • Automatic start on as other user did not work in some scenarios
    • fixed bug restoring files
    • fixed bug with filter
    • scheduled job every nth minute did not work when no user was logged on
    • minor bugs/problems

Version 7.0.1


  • New features:
  • Fixed bugs:
    • scheduled job every nth minute did not work when no user was logged on
    • minor bugs/problems

Version 7.0.0


  • New features:
    • NEW: Shadow Copy Explorer:
          - explore shadow copies
          - create, delete, mount as drive
          - restore files, show all versions
    • Create shadow copies automatically, e.g. scheduled or at logon
    • Setup wizard (to set up a new job) revise:
          - Now for each job type (sync, backup up, delete, shadow copies, etc.) a list with according templates is available
    • History improved:
          - now the same is shown in the main window as on left click at the tray icon
          - is now dynamic (updates automazically)
    • better support for ReFS
    • Filter settings revised and improved
    • licenses of the professional edition purchased prior to version 4.5 requires an update license
  • Fixed bugs:
    • File filter when left or right side was FTP did not work
    • minor bugs/problems

Version 6.4.0


  • New features:
    • Speed in MB/s is now shown
    • Remaining time now shown
    • Filter settings improved
    • some little improvments
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Creating shadow copies did not work when starting job as another user
    • Explorer view to select folders: sometimes subfolders were not shown
    • Now there are detailed error desciptions in case of a network error
    • Fixed bug creating folders
    • Fixed bug starting jobs on Windows start

Version 6.3.1


  • Fixed bugs:
    • fixed problem shadow copies
    • fixed minor issues

Version 6.3.0


  • New features:
    • Setup Wizard:
      New: now you can select files to backup
    • some little improvments
  • Fixed bugs:
    • fixed problem with italian language file
    • fixed minor issues

Version 6.2.5


  • New features:
    • Execute job scheduled:
      - Computer can be waken up to execute a job (when supported by the computer)
      - can now be started with the user logged on
         (on Server this is still beta)
  • Fixed bugs:
    • autosync on file modification did not work on some systems
    • fixed display issue in the setup wizard
    • fixed minor issues

Version 6.2.3


  • New features:
    • Webpage download:
      - linked pages, which could not be loaded are now shown in the list with exclamation mark
      - improved chache
Fixed bugs:
  • fixed minor issues

Version 6.2.2


  • New features:

  • Fixed bugs:
    • Filter in the compare view did not work correctly
    • FTP: fixed bug with folders with protected space (ASCII 160)
    • PureSync did end itself in some cases
    • other issues

Version 6.2.1


  • New features:

  • Fixed bugs:
    • Done modifications due to a bug in the windows task scheduler, which causes Outlook and other programs/apps no longer to rememeber saved passwords

Version 6.2.0


  • New features:
    • Sending mail is now now doen with .net 2 or .net 4 depending on what is installed, installing .net 2 is no longer required on e.g. Windows 10
    • ishadowmproved handling of shadow copys
    • Binary compare: can now be restricted to files with different or same file dates
    • Folder sizes can now be show in the treeview (where you select the folders): context menu or press Ctrl + G
    • several improvments
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Jobs at system start weren't started
    • fixed problem with long paths (> 260 characters) on network folders (\\...)
    • Undo on network drives did not work
    • fixed a bug with the rules for automatic synchronisation/backup
    • fixed a crash with the filters
    • fixed miror issues

Version 6.1.1


  • New features:
    • Compare by creation date now possible
    • Start a job a system start and log in can now possible (prior it was one option, now it is two)
    • some improvments
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Windows Server: fixed problem creating shadow copy
    • Job file could get erase when starting the wizard for an existing job
    • fixed miror issues

Version 6.1.0


  • New features:
    • Volume shadow copies:
      - can now be created and deleted
      - can be mounted as drive
    • Secure deletion:
      - Files can now be deleted securely, by overwriting itrs contents, and overwriting its file names
        With this undelete/unerase programs cannot restore such files
    • Windows settings 'Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support:
      Activating this option causes problems with PureSync, first adaptions done, but further adaptions required
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed minor issues

Version 6.0.0


  • New features:
    • New Log Viewer
    • Autosync/-backup on file modification improved
    • Automatic jobs as other user improved
    • FTP:
      - reprogrammed most of it
      - moving folders and file now supported
      - unicode characters now supported
    • Tray Icon:
      - now you can define a hotkey in the global settings to open the menu
    • Detecting moved and renamed folders reprogrammed:
      - faster
      - now moved and renamed folders within moved and renamed folders can be detected
    • Folder tree in the compare view: now the the folders shows icon with the sync direction
    • Volume Mount Points:
      - Now shoow with a drive icon
      - available space now retrieved correctly
    • WOL (Wake On LAN) now possible at start of a job
    • Improved Undo
    • Show versions improved
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Empty folders were sometimes not deleted
    • Fix problem excluding symlinks
    • Fixed bug with 2 or more destinations in one job
    • FTP:
      - fixed bug with folders with ;
      - fixed problem reading folders
      - fixed problem with files with unicode names
    • Undo: fixed problem
    • Fixed problem with filenames with =
    • Fixed bug with the template Delete empty folders
    • Fixed bug with the saved time stamps
    • Fixed minor issues

Version 5.2.0


  • New features:
    • Improved detecting moved and renamed files, much faster now
    • Autosync/-backup on file modification improved
    • Automatic jobs as other user improved
    • Tray Icon:
      - menu modified
      - new animation
    • Conflilct solving with renaming file:
      - the old file is now renamed and not the new one
      - new name is now e.g. text_001.txt insead of text.txt.001
    • Improved several details
    • New templates
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed bug detecting moved and renamed files
    • Fixed bug with autosync/-backup of file modification
    • Fixed bug with autosync/-back every x minmutes
    • Fixed bug with templates
    • Fixed minor issues

Version 5.1.2


  • New features:
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed bug with the day light saving time
    • Fixed bug with the log in the previous version
    • Fixed minor issues

Version 5.1.1


  • New features:
    • Now you can select a template when starting a new job vias the explorter context menu
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed bug with the settings in version 5.1.0
    • Fixed bug with the explorer context menu
    • Fixed a crash running jobs on shutdown

Version 5.1.0


  • New features:
    • Autosync on file modification improved to reduced system load
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Autosync on file modification:
      - maximun number of jobs had no effect
      - fixed bug
    • Fixed bug on Windows Server: sometimes settings got lost
    • Fixed bug with filters
    • Fixed bug with stored passwords
    • Fixed bug with daaylight saving time
    • Fixed a crash

Version 5.0.6


  • New features:
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Filter for files without extension did not work
    • fixed a freeze during compare

Version 5.0.5


  • New features:
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Autosync on file modification:
      - did not work when the file size did not change
      - when 2 or more jobs had the same folder to monitor, only one of the jobs was started
      - when a stream is added or modified the job is now started
    • Fixed problem on Windows 8.1 (disk full)
    • fixed minor isssues

Version 5.0.4


  • New features:
    • Webpage download improved
    • some improvements
  • Fixed bugs:
    • in The global log the timestamps were missing
    • Fixed bug when backups are zipped and/or encrypted and files were locked
    • fioxed minor isssues

Version 5.0.3


  • New features:
    • New compare method for backup/copy jobs:
      Compare by file contents: only if the file contents has been modified, the file will be copied. With this files with the same contents but a different file date will not be copied
    • New pre-action added: windows services can now be stopped (and started after the job is done)
    • Automatic jobs scheduled every x minutes: now a time window can be specified, e.g. only 11:00 - 15:30
    • FTP: after the 1st time compare an info will be shown
    • some improvements
  • Fixed bugs:
    • FTP: fixed problem reading directories
    • Fixed a crash with occured with automatic jobs on Windows shutdown / restart
    • Installation: the explorer context menu was not removed on uninstallation

Version 5.0.2


  • New features:
    • some improvements
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed bug/problerm with FTP

Version 5.0.1


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Autosync on shutdown did not work on some machines
    • Autosync for groups: did not work on some machines
    • Fixed minor issues

Version 5.0.0


  • New Features:
    • Autosync on file modification now woking with NAS and USB drives (NTFS, FA32, exFAT)
    • Templates added, e.g.:
      - backups with 2 or 3 destinations
      - download files from a website
      - move files
      - delete empty folders
    Fixed bugs:
    • Autosync on file modification did sometime not work for the right side
    • Deletions were sometimes not executed
    • Fixed minor issues

Version 4.7.8


  • New Features:
    • OmproveI Autosync /Autobackup on file modification
    Fixed bugs:
    • fixed crash with % in folder name
    • fixed minor issues

Version 4.7.7


  • New Features:
    • Autosync/Autobackup on shutdown/logoff reviewed and bug fixed
    • Autosync/Autobackup on file modification reviewed
    Fixed bugs:
    • fixed problem with ; in paths
    • empty folders were sometimes not deleted
    • fixed bug storing the credentials for FTP folders
    • fixed a freeze
    • fixed minor issues

Version 4.7.6


  • New Features: Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed crash / freeze in last version

Version 4.7.5


  • New Features:
    • Optimized some more routines
    • Improved installation
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed some minor issues

Version 4.7.4


  • New Features:
    • Optimized some routines for speed
    • Improved transfer files to another computer
    • Improved automatic backups/syncs, e.g. sync omn shutdown but not on restart
    Fixed bugs:
    • Automatic job on shutdown were not started (Windows 10, shutdown initiated via the start menu)
    • Fixed bug with filename with [ as first character
    • FTP: download of big files did not work when destination folder was missing
    • Automatic jobs could end full screen mode, e.g. of games
    • Fixed memory problem with many files (> 300 000)
    • Fixed some minor issues

Version 4.7.3


  • New Features:
    • Improved detection of disconnected drives/LAN/internet connection
    Fixed bugs:
    • FTP: sometimes folder were not retreive correctly
    • AutosSync with network paths on both sides did not work
    • Setup wizard: sometimes the paths were not stored
    • Fixed smaller issues

Version 4.7.2, build 4473


  • New Features:
    • Installation:
      - Log off and on no longer required for 1st time installation
      - Log off and on no longer required for future updates
    Fixed bugs:
    • FTP: fixed bugs with special characters, e.g. €

Version 4.7.2


  • New Features: Fixed bugs:
    • fixed bug with FTP and special characters
    • fixed bug saving timestamps
    • fixed minor bugs

Version 4.7.1


  • New Features:
    • new small status window
    • bitlocker drives can now be unlocked and locked automatically
    Fixed bugs:
    • Scheduled Groups were not executed
    • network path were sometimes not found
    • fixed minor bugs

Version 4.7.0


  • New Features:
    • improved some routines for speed and memory usage, e.g. comparing a folder with many files (>10000) is now much faster
    Fixed bugs:
    • fixed minor bugs

Version 4.6.4


  • New Features: Fixed bugs:
    • Sending emails did not work in previous version
    • Fixed problem creating folders with more than 259 characters
    • automatic sync/backup:
      - was not started in some cases
      - removed or renamed folders were sometimes not synced
    • fixed minor bugs

Version 4.6.3


  • New Features:
    • New dialog to create a shortcut to the current job
    Fixed bugs:
    • Filesize of files with 2...4 GB was shown as 0
    • Fixed bug copying files with filenames larger than 260 characters
    • fixed minor bugs
    • fixed a crash

Version 4.6.2


  • New Features:
    • Execute jobs on shutdown and logoff:
      - improved
      - fixed problem with Windows 10 1709
    Fixed bugs:

Version 4.6.1


  • New Features: Fixed bugs:
    • Accessing network drives did sometimes not work properly
    • Fixed problem with some language files
    • Sent Emails were emtpy
    • fixed some minor bugs

Version 4.6.0


  • New Features:
    • Groups can now be started automatically like Jobs, e.g. scheduled
    • Improved detection of network drives
    • Downloading webpages improved:
      - link handling improved
      - links calculated by a script can now be followed
      - css and js files if gzip container are now handled
      - js scripts from external serves can now be optionally removed (e.g. google analytics, yandex)
      - added a cache for much faster comparing the 2nd time (can be turned off)
      - settings dialog now has a page for the webpage settings
    • Improved compare routine
    • Optimized some functions
    Fixed bugs:
    • Expluded folder were not always exluded
    • fixed problem with the updater
    • fixed some minor bugs

New Homepage


  • is now online

Version 4.5.10


  • New Features:
    • USB drives are now detected as removable devices (like USB sticks)
    • FTP:
      - automatic detection of passive/active mode
      - passive or active mode can now be set in the settings -> FTP
    Fixed bugs:
    • Done modifications for Windows 10 1709 (PureSync Admin Invoker)
    • Update: now the path of the previous installad version is taken
    • fixed some minor bugs

Version 4.5.9


  • New Features:
    • Little Improvments
    Fixed bugs:
    • Bug fixes

Version 4.5.8


  • New Features:
    • Improved protocol
    • Little improvements
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problem with automatic backup/sync
    • Little bug fixes

Version 4.5.7


  • New Features:
    • FTP: fixed problems with the iPhone App FTP Manager
    • Installation revised
    • Little improvements
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problem starting job with admin privileges/as other user
    • Little bug fixes
    • Updater did not work on some systems

Version 4.5.6


  • New Features:
    • Installation revised
    • Shadow copy feature revised
    Fixed bugs:
    • FTP: fixed a problem copying file to FTP

Version 4.5.5


  • New Features:
    • Some little improvments
    • Settings of the timestamp now possible (compare view -> context menu -> File 1/2
    • User name and password are now possible in unicode
    • Detecting moived files improved (speed)
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed minor issues
    • Cancelling did take some time
    • FTP:
      fixed issues with unicode characters and umlauts
      did sometimes hang
    • Mirroring: Files were sometimes not deleted at the target folder

Version 4.5.4


  • New Features:
    • Some little improvments
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed bug detecting moved files
    • Fixed some minor issues

Version 4.5.3


  • New Features:
    • Some little improvments
    Fixed bugs:
    • Passwords with unicode characters are now supported
    • Fixed some minor issues

Version 4.5.2


  • New Features:
    • Version of files in Shadow Copys can now be displayed
    • Little improvments
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed bug when folder names had different upper/lower case
    • Deleting folder with more than 260 characters did not work

Version 4.5.1


  • Fixed bugs:
    • The PureSync Tray Icon did hang/crash on some Windows 10 installations

Version 4.5


  • New Features:
    • Comparing with windows restore points (volume shadow copies) now possible
      Files can be restored from the snapshots
    • Installation improved
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problem with starting automatic jobs
    • Fixed problem with FTP
    • Sometimes creating a shadow copy to copy opened files did not work
    • Fixed a bug decrypting files > 1MB
    • Fixed a crash which occured on exiting PureSync

Version 4.4.2


  • New Features:
    • Done some modification in the installation
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fix problem with command line parameters
    • Shutdown computer after a job did not work (Windows 10)
    • Automatic jobs on logoff and shutdown did not work on some machines

Version 4.4.1


  • New Features:
    • Automatic synchronisation on file modification: now this can only be done for either the left, the right side or only for fixed drives
    Fixed bugs:
    • PureSync did block some file operations when the was a job aith automatic sync on file modification
    • Automatic starting of jobs at startup did not work on some machines
    • Some keys in the folder tree did not work
    • Organize synchronisations did showup only for a second

Version 4.4.0 build 3552


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed bug with FTP

Version 4.4.0


  • New Features:
    • Done more percormance imrpovements
    • Folder Trees and input fieldsa re now all in unicode
    • Settings can now be switched from standard to advanced and vice versa
    Fixed bugs:
    • Automatic backup/synchronisation did not work properly in several cases
    • Fixed bug with Undo

Version 4.3.0


  • New Features:
    • Improved synchronising: PureSync slowed down when copying many files (>100000)
    • Comparing foldes could be slow => improved
    • FTP: improved reading folders
    • Autosync on file modification: improved (and bugs fixed)
    • If a NAS drive took too long for waking up, autosync was skipped => fixed
    • Settings: can nwo be switched from standard to advanced
    Fixed bugs:
    • On some machines jobs were started multiple times and parallel
    • Some network path could not be found
    • Autosync on deleted files did not work
    • Fixed problem with detecting renamed folders
    • Fixed some minor bugs/problems

Version 4.2.2


  • New Features: Fixed bugs:
    • Deleting files was not executed is some cases
    • Terminating another application on jobn start did not work
    • Settings/global settings: did not work properly

Version 4.2.1


  • skipped

Version 4.2.0


  • New Features:
    • Detecting moved and renamed files and folders:
      - improved
      - working on FTP now
    • Improved perfomance
    • Ecluding of files /file types now possible directly in the context menu
    • Installation: classic startmenu is restarted after the installation is it was active
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed display issued with high resolution displays
    • Fixed problem with network shares with a space in the name
    • Web-Sync: fixed problem with filter
    • Fixed minor issues

Version 4.1.0


  • New Features:
    • Improved detecting moved files
    • Improved detecting moved folders (much much faster now)
    • Optimized compare routines
    • Optimized binary compare
    • Improved downloading of webpages
    • Little improvments
    • Startscreen now supports fully uniocode
    • Added special filter: binary compare for certain files/files
    • Menu now with icons again, and with unicode support
    Fixed bugs:
    • automatic jobs were started too often
    • detecting moved files/folders did not work in some cases
    • fixed a crash
    • fixed problem with the installation (file PureSyncVSS.xml)
    • fixed minor issues

Version 4.0.3


  • New Features:
    • Improved downloading opf webpages
    • Little improvments
    Fixed bugs:
    • fixed crash when exiting PureSync (e.g. Windows Server)
    • fixed minor issues

Version 4.0.2


  • New Features:
    • When a network share (e.g. a NAS) is not yet ready, with some systems the dialog to enter the password is shown. PureSync now checks in the background if the path becomes accessible, and if so it continues.
    Fixed bugs:
    • fixed crash when exiting PureSync (32 bit windows)

Version 4.0.1


  • New features:
    • Webpage download: FTP links are now supported
    • Several improvments
    • Special filters now available for backups/mirroring
    • Tree is now display faster
    Fixed bugs:
    • Webpage download: fixed problem with filter
    • Changed driver letter was sometimes not detected
    • Fixed bug: scheduled autosync did not work properly
    • Improved support for files with paths > 260 characters
    • Fixed problem with FTP
    • Fixed bug with syncs/backups schedule on multiple times per day
    • Fixed a crash

Version 4.0


  • New features:
    • Downloading of webpages now possible, e.g. a single page, a complete sites or all zip-files from a webpage
    • Optimized some code
    • Done modifications for high resolution displays (font etc were blurry)
    • Added predefined backup folder: iPhone, iPad and iPod backup folder (iTunes)
    • The personal edition is now limited to 10 jobs
    Fixed bugs:
    • Autosync did not work when destination fodler did not exist
    • Passwords for network drives were not stored correctly in some cases

Version 3.10.3


  • New features:
    • Compare view: now the file icons are displayed in the list (can be turned off in the global settings)
    • Ejecting USB drives, which were monitored due to jobs with 'start on file change' are then no longer blocked by PureSync
    Fixed bugs:
    • Autosync did not work with some settings
    • 'Create each time a new version of the file at the destination' did not work properly (since version 3.10)
    • Deleting folders with unicode characters did not work
    • Fixed problem moving files to the recycle bin
    • Textfilter in the compare view did not work
    • Fixed problems with MTP devices e.h. iPhones
    • Fixed problems with foto sync

Version 3.10.2


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Automatic jobs: files were not copied in some configurations

Version 3.10.1


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed bug in 3.10.1: Compare did stop with "drive not found"
    • Deleting folders did sometimes not work
    • Fixed small bugs

Version 3.10.0


  • New features:
    • Now the volumename can be used instead of the drive letter, e.g. 'Windows:\' instead of 'C:\' if c:\ has the name 'Windows'
    • optimized some routines
    • Removing an USB drive during comparing is now detected and the comparison is stopped
    • Improved user interface for high res dispalys / user defined dpi settings
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed crash on Windows Server 2012
    • Deleting files did sometimes not work
    • Detecting changed drive letter did not work properly
    • Installation: the windows explorer was not restarted on some systems. I was unable to reproduce that, but I hope this is fixed
    • fixed problem with username and password for network drives
    • Fixed small bugs

Version 3.9.4


  • New features:
    • improved speed copying large files
    • improved speed copying files to FTP folder
    • little improvments
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Deleting files at the right side was not performed when complete folders have been deleted at the left side

Version 3.9.3


  • New features:
    • little improvments
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Delete source file after sync did not work
    • Backup of only one folder with fast compare on, did not detect when destination was deleted
    • PureSync did sometimes hang displaying the folder tree
    • AutoSync on file modification did sometimes not work

Version 3.9.2


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Foldernames of special foders were not displayed in the list
    • Setup Wizard: checkbox 'Subfolders' could not be checked, although subfolders were synced
    • fixed little bugs

Version 3.9.1


  • Fixed bugs:
    • F-Secure detected a malware in PureSyncTray.exe, which was definetely false
      With this new version all is ok, and F-Secure does not try to clean the file nor remove
    • fixed 2 little bugs

Version 3.9.0


  • New features:
    • Improved speed and memory:
      - Comparing is now much, much faster in most cases
      - Displaying is now faster as well
      - Displaying the folder tree reprogrammed from scratch
      - FTP: improved speed reading folders
      - Improved memory usage, more improvements will follow in the next release
      - Optimized some routines
    • Runs now on Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Delete source file after sync now work correctly with more that 1 destination
    • fixed bug with file and folder names with unicode characters
    • fixed bug with filter 'exclude files larger than...'
    • fixed little bugs

Version 3.8.3


  • Fixed bugs:
    • english language file was incomplete which cause an (almost) empty start screen (only when english was selected as language)

Version 3.8.2


  • Fixed bugs:
    • fixed some little issues

Version 3.8.1


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Version 3.8.0 was raelly slow with some configurations

Version 3.8.0


  • New features:
    • Backup: compare is now much much faster with NAS, Ftp, external drives
    • Improved autosync of file change: only the folder in which the modified or added file lies is compared and not all subfolders
    • FTP: now file larger than 4GB are supported
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed crash on Windows Server when exiting PureSync
    • Fixed problems with zipping of filenames with [ and/or ]
    • FTP: Fixed bug downloading files
    • fixed lilttle bug sorting the list

Version 3.7.9


  • Fixed bugs:
    • File filter with # did not work
    • Fix problem with ftp access

Version 3.7.8


  • New features: Fixed bugs:
    • FTP: fixed bug with filenames with 2 succeeding spaces
    • fixed some minor issues

Version 3.7.7


  • New features: Fixed bugs:
    • Binary compare had a bug (in version 3.7.6)
    • Foldernames like %AppData% are no longer expanded. Such names are only expanded id at start of a folder
    • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 3.7.6


  • Fixed bugs:
    • Auto sync did not work with some settings

Version 3.7.5


  • New features:
    • Improved support for MTP drive
      - improved some routines
      - improved speed
      - improved suport for more devices
      - Annoying popup dialog from Windows is now answered automatically
    • some little improvements, e.g. speeded up checking renamed files
    Fixed bugs:
    • MTP drives: sometimes fodler were missing (not displayed)
    • fixed bug with rar and zip file on a network drive

Version 3.7.2


  • New features: Fixed bugs:
    • Little bug fixes

Version 3.7.1


  • New features: Fixed bugs:
    • Destination folder was created hidden when souce was a drive
    • AutoSync on LogOff did not work
    • Little improvements

Version 3.7


  • New features:
    • At the left side you can now specify folders like:
      - C:\Data\*\Docs
      - C:\Data\*\*\Docs
      - C:\Data\M*\Docs
      - C:\Data\**\Docs   (** means any number of subfolders, e.g. C:\Data\preject1\Docs as well as C:\Data\preject1\rev12\Docs)
    • improved filter in the settings
    • Copying opened/locked files now works on Windows 8
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed a bug password with FTP folders
    • Fixed bug copying opened/locked: UAC did appear each time when it should only be once

Version 3.6.2


  • New features:
    • New Dutch language file, thanks to Rene.
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed a bug with AutoSync
    • Fixed bug copying folder dates
    • Fxed minor bugs

Version 3.6.1


  • New features:
    • When accessing network paths (\\server\folder) requires username and password, PureSync will now ask for it (amd can store it)
    Fixed bugs:
    • AutoSync on Shutdown did not work in the last version
    • Wizzard: Fixed bug selecting subfolders
    • FTP: Foders where not shown with siome configurations
    • Deletions: Files were synchronised instead of deleted when only files to be deleted were found
    • Fixed minor bugs

Version 3.6.0


  • New features:
    • Improved support for unicode
    • Tree with all jobs: now there is a filter, press F3
    • Foto-Sync:
      - Update for Canon Powershot cameras
      - improved performance on compare
    • Russian language file updated (thanks to Antony)
    • Dutch language file updated (thanks to Stephan)
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problem with FTP
    • Fixed bug in the settings -> autosync -> further rules
    • Fixed a crash
    • Fixed problem with filter
    • Fixed bugs in the Settings -> Autosync -> further rules.
    • Fixed some minor bug in the user interface

Version 3.5.0


  • New features:
    • Undo:
      Now a synchronisation or backup can be undone, even after PureSync has been quit.
      See settings -> miscellaneous, use Actions menu to show what can be undo
    Fixed bugs:

Version 3.1.6


  • New features:
    • Translate folder names are now displayed translated, e.g. C:\Benuter instead of C:\Users
    • Settings -> AutoSync -> Drive Ids: Now the automatic starting of a job can be restricted to certain drive ids in case 2 or more removable drive do have the same drive letter
    Fixed bugs:
    • Compress files: sometime changes were regoghnized although there were none
    • Windows x64: SysWow64 folder was used when System32 was specified
    • fixed some little bugs

Version 3.1.5


  • New features:
    • Folder which are symbolic links can now be excluded
    • Multiple email addresses are now allowed
    Fixed bugs:
    • FTP: file dates in october were some not retrieved correctly
    • Fixed problem with starting PureSync on some systems
    • Fixed crash on some Windows 7 systems (well the crash might occur once, but then no longer)

Version 3.1.3


  • New features:
    • Added french translation, thanks to Alex.
    Fixed bugs:
    • Email: subject was always the same
    • Fixed bug in the Foto-Sync
    • Fixed an endless loop
    • Fixed problem with umlauts and special characters with FTP

Version 3.1.2


  • New features:
    • Backup: Keep versions of a file: now the max number of files to be kept can be defined
    • Improved the context menu in the file list (e.g. exclude folder, file, extenstion)
    • Added dutch as language for the user interface (thanks to Rene)
    Fixed bugs:
    • Wizard did hang on some machines when displaying the folders
    • Fixed problem with restoring files (restore mode: with some configurations no files were displayed)
    • Settings -> Auto-Sync -> further rules: dialog did was not shown on some systems
    • Fixed problems with umlauts in FTP folder
    • Fixed minor bugs

Version 3.1.1


  • New features:
    • Conflicts (file was modified at both sides): now a hint and options to solve the conflict(s) is/are shown, even when the job was started automatically
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed problem with the drive IDs
    • Files to be deleted to a user definabel folder: the setting was not saved
    • Drive letter was changed for no reason
    • Fixed priblem with drives from the host in Remote Desktop (D on ...)

Version 3.5 beta


  • New features:
    • Undo is now possible after quitting PureSync and for multiple steps back (only Professional Edition)

Version 3.1.0


  • New features:
    • Files to be delted can now be moved to a user definable folder and kept fpor x days (only Professional Edition)
    • Now programs can be closed automatically when starting a job
    • When copying files to a MTP device there is no longer the annoying dioalog that the might not be playable at the target
    • Now there is an info box at the bottom, when at the target is not enough space available (for drives only)
    • Some rountines were not in unicode, e.g. deleted file with asian characters were not detected as tobe deleted. This works now.
    • Now the global log is in unicode
    • All settings are now in unicode
    • Redone the rotating tray icon
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed bug copying large files on Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 and olter Windows versions
    • The creation date was not copied (in version 3.0.3)
    • Fixed bug retrieving the drives free disk space

Version 3.0.3


  • New features:
    • now mp3 and midi sounds can be played
    • Redone the rotating tray icon
    Fixed bugs:
    • fixed problem with [date] in destination paths with / as date separator (e.g. with english or spanish settings)
    • fixed problem with multiple backups when modifiying the destination path

Version 3.0.2


  • New features:
    • Added swedish language, thanks to Jonas
    Fixed bugs:

Version 3.0.2


  • New features:
    • Improved speed for detecting moved folders
    • Added the Thunderbird Lightning default calendar to the predefined backups
    Fixed bugs:
    • Scheduled jobs: fix bug that prevented the job to start
    • Network drives were not shown in some systems
    • FTP:
      - sometimes the internal cache did have old data
      - fixed problem comparing modified file with same size
      - fixed problem copying from multiple FTP folders to one location
      - fixed problem with (long) paths with spaces in it.
    • Fixed problem with special ASCII characters in filename
    • Fixed problem with ### in the path
    • Fixed problem with asiatic systems with the language file

Version 3.0.1


  • New features:
    • Now file which have been moved AND modified can now be detected.
    • Done changes for windows user defined font size (e.g. 110 %)
    Fixed bugs:
    • Detecting moved files did sometimes not work properly
    • Fixed problem excluding folders
    • Fixed some minor bugs (e.g. display, keyboard)

Version 3.0


  • New features:
    • Email: now PureSync can send an email with the log after a job has been finished, wither always or only in case of an error.
    • Moved files are now detected and wil be moved at the target instead of deleting the old and copying the new one
    • Search and replace now possible for paths
    • In the wizard in the folder list now the whole list can be edited in a multiline text field and search and replace is possible
    • Optimized some code
    Fixed bugs:
    • copying opened files did not work on some XP systems
    • fixed bug deleteing folders on FTP drives
    • fixed bug with FTP connections
    • fixed bug renaiming files (case)
    • fixed problem with paths/filenames with more that 260 characters

Version 3.0 beta


  • New features:
    • Copying opened/locked files:
      - now working on Windows 7 and Vista and all Windows Server since Windows Server 2003
      - copying opened/locked files to FTP folder now possible
      - and files can be compressed and/or encrypted
  • Fixed bugs:
    • fixed problems with patrh longer than 260 characters
    • fixed problem when starting a PureSync job with other user account
    • fixed problem with starting PureSync multiple times
    • fixed problem with copying encrypted files