Automatic synchronization/backup

Via scheduler

  • A scheduler starts a synchronization every x hours, days, weeks, months
  • Multiple days/times possible

Drive connected

  • Start a synchronization or backup automatically when e.g. a USB drive has been plugged in

On modification

  • Synchronize or backup automatically when a file (that shall be backuped or synchronized) has been modified, a delay can be entered in seconds

Further events

  • At startup / log on
  • When waking up
  • When logging off
  • When locking the computer
  • When logging off
  • When computer has been idle (not used) for n seconds
  • On application exit: When a definable application has been ended, w.g. Word or Thunderbird

Uder defined event

When the output of a command line returns a definable string. E.g. when ping returns 'Minimum =' The command line be executed at a definable interval e.g. every 30 seconds, and when the output contains the defined string, the job is started.

Further Rules

  • e.g. wait x seconds before starting the job or
  • wait when CPU usage is high




Starting jobs automatically is only working when the user is logged on. A special Server Edition is in development.