PureSync Download Beta Version

PureSync Version 8.0 beta 1 (June 25th 2024)

Download the Installation via the button above and install it.

PureSync will start as Personal Edition. When you use the 1st a feature of the professional edition you will be asked to start the 30 day evaluation period. 
After that period PureSync will start again as Personal Edition.

Revision history


New in Version 8.0:

- reprogrammed the list view:
  - displaying the list of the compare view is now much much quicker, even with e.g. 2 000 000 files.
  - reduced RAM usage (up to 50% less)

- Comparing of registry now posivble:
  - reg file with reg file
  - reg file with registry file
  - reg file with NTUSER.DAT
  - backup reg file, and compare later with the backup

- Improved Undo:
  - Undo an complete execution of a job or just single files
  - Undo must be turned in the settings -> Misc

- Improved Log:
  - Faster display of large logs
  - now with colors like in the compare view